Miles Bytes

Fig. 1) I admit it -- I ask Miles rhetorical
questions so I can enjoy his heat tilts.

Fig. 2) The true definition of 'snorfing,'
in video format. Demonstrated by Miles.

Fig. 3) Miles and I in the backseat of a group road-trip vehicle.
We were driving through an area filled with stinky pig farms.

The Miles & Axel Post-Game Tradition

Today Suzanne and I drove out to an agility funmatch with Miles and Axel. We had to get up ridiculously early, drive a ways to get there, and barn was dark and cold, but a good time was had by all. After throughly exhausting ourselves all day in the barn, we let the dogs burn off the last little bits of steam they had left outside. It was a typical 'Miles & Axel post-agility celebration' - Axel gleefully chased the ball, and Miles gleefully chased Axel.

{ With one relaxed flex of his jaws, Axel can squish and flatten a tough
rubber ball. Welsh terriers have seriously large and powerful jaws! }

Happy Halloween!

After a few warning barks and grumbles when the fireworks began, Miles decided to 'close shop,' and go off duty. Somehow, he is now managing to sleep through the raucous armageddon of whistles, bangs, and crackles outside. In the city, these festivities continue deep into the night. Maybe it was the excitement of a record number of trick-or-treaters (no leftover candy!) that tired Miles out, or maybe it is the soothing effect of a belly filled with "good quiet boy!" dog treats he received during our "handing out candy to trick-or-treaters" dinner party. Probably a mixture of both. There is something satisfying to me about knowing the city is alive and abuzz with excitement, but that we are hunkered down at home. Me with a beer, Miles with dreams of chasing giggling little kids in costumes...

How is/was your Halloween?