{Twenty} Sea Legs

Last Sunday, Miles and I went on a beach walk with my friend Cortnee, her dogs Soda and Bruin, and Vino, her friend's dog that she is dog-sitting. We got lots of comments about the fact that Cortnee was walking one of each of the most popular short-nosed breeds: a Pug (Soda), a French Bulldog (Vino), and a Boston terrier (Bruin).

I met Cortnee and Soda at the beginning of September last year at an agility competition. Soda is a sleek black pug that competes in the same class as Miles. The first time I met Cortnee, we clicked immediately. Agility events aren't always the most social events for strangers, so that speaks volumes to what fast friends we were.

Shortly after I met Cortnee, she adopted Bruin, a female Boston Terrier. When Cortnee first took Bruin home, she was shy. Now, Bruin is confident, playful, and beautifully athletic. How lucky that Cortnee found Bruin, and vice versa. (Notice Vino and Soda trying to get into the picture of Bruin?)

Lastly, Vino came along for the beach walk. Vino is a French Bulldog that Cortnee is dog-sitting. Vino is a handsome fellow, isn't he?

And of course, you know Miles. You would think given how much fun he had at the beach last year, that he'd be a natural at it by now. But no... Miles was pretty worried at first. I think initially, he had visions of being swept away by the rising tide level.

But soon enough, Miles got his "sea legs" back, and joined his short-snouted friends in joyous beach romping.

Soda is a natural beach dog, through and through!

Little Bruin is like the canine equivalent of a skipping stone.

The gang met a lot of new friends. Miles liked this tan French Bulldog.

Bruin enjoyed playing tug-o-war with Vino.

Soda was perfectly content on his own, snorfing at his ball in the water.

The bird-watching was great that day. We saw a pair of Bald Eagles, a Red-Tailed Hawk, and multiple Blue Herons. All were busy hunting for fish.

There was also some choice people-watching. My favorite was a group of tourists who walked around the beach in a single-file line. For some reason this tickled my funny-bone.

At every turn the dogs made new friends.

Further up the beach, Bruin shared a quiet moment with a little girl.

A little group of tourists were particularly taken with Miles when he decided to visit to their hangout spot. Miles loved being lavished with attention...

{ What a great Sunday }